Not All Great Works of Art are Found on Walls

From the Art Museum in Seattle to the North Church in Boston... from malls to gyms to homes... fine hardwood floors become works of art with DuraSeal® products.

Durability with aesthetic appeal - that is what DuraSeal® products have come to signify in the wood flooring business. Our product line includes stains with a high solids content for deep color and exceptional sealing action, and transparent finishes that withstand brutal wear and punishment. Because the job doesn't always end with the finish, DuraSeal® also provides a full line of maintenance products. This selection and quality have made DuraSeal® products the number one choice among flooring contractors. So whether you need to stain, finish or maintain a hardwood floor, DuraSeal® has a complete line of quality products to bring out the artist in you.

Finish and Curing Parameters

In general, finishes perform best at temperatures of 65 - 80 degrees (F) 19- 28(C) and Relative Humidity at 40% to 60%.

Finishes generally do not perform well when...

  1. Temperatures are over 90 degrees (F) 32(C)
  2. Temperatures are under 50 degrees (F) 10(C)
  3. Relative Humidity is over 90% RH
  4. Relative Humidity is under 30% RH
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Products You Can Rely On

Floor Finish Adhesion Failure is a Profit Taker

You, the retailer/contractor, have just installed and finished (or recoated) a beautiful hardwood floor. The owner is pleased, which means that the final installation transaction - your final payment is about to take place. It's "Money Time."

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Non ambering. Commercial durability. Under 125 g/L VOC. Exceptional flow and leveling. Single component, no waste. Available in Satin, Semi Gloss and Gloss sheens.

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